08/26/2013 12:12 pm ET

Avelino Garon Threatened To Kill Wife Over Kitty Litter Argument: Police

Flagler County Sheriff

A Florida man is suspected of threatening to kill his wife during an argument over who would change the cat litter.

Avelino Urbano Garon, 59, was arrested on Aug. 18 and charged with assault with a deadly weapon, according to the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

Police say the couple were arguing over whose responsibility it was to freshen up the kitty litter, when Garon allegedly threatened to throw their cat against the wall. Then he picked up a knife and threatened to kill his wife, WESH reports.

When deputies arrived, Garon argued that it was his wife's responsibility to clean the litter box. They arrested him on the spot.

He was released this week on a $1,000 bond, the Associated Press reports.


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