Ain't No Party Like A Cicada Party!

08/26/2013 12:43 pm ET

If you were prepping yourself for the cicada invasion of 2013, you might have been sorely disappointed (less so if you live in Staten Island).

The quirky animals with a rampant sexual appetite were supposed to descend on the Northeast, an event which only occurs once every 17 years for the Brood II group of cicadas.

In the below photo, Luke Starner of Shooting Starners Photography shows how cicadas would boogie down, if they could. Even though a real cicada party might not look exactly like these crazy hat-wearing exoskeletons, their loud gatherings and kinky moves show that they really do know how to rock!*

cicada party

*No cicadas were hurt in the process of creating this photo. Molting is just the insect version of taking off those party dresses.

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