Jessie J Works On Her Fitness

08/26/2013 10:04 am ET

Jessie J is one tough cookie.

We knew the Brit was fearless, when she shaved her head for charity.

Thanks to a series of Instagram videos, fans saw another side of the daring pop star: a behind-the-scenes look at her grueling gym routine.

Jessie not only took to the elliptical machine but she also gave pull-ups a try and displayed some impressive ab work with a partner.

She captioned the takes with honest comments, such as, "It's a struggle man! Let the world know ... no make up sweating and with a scary gym voice!"

There is so much to love about Jessie J's disclosure. We commend her brutal honesty. It takes hard work and dedication to maintain that rocking body in a healthy way.

Next, her sweaty commentary ("Nike told me to 'Just Do It,' so I'm doing it! I've got a minute left!") is refreshing and relatable. We feel the same when we're slaving away during cardio.

Finally, we adore her black Converse chucks -- sassy and totally rock star, just like her. Keep it up and get it, Jessie!

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