LinkedIn Updates Nonprofits Need To Know About

08/26/2013 12:33 pm ET

By Nonprofit Tech for Good

With the launch of a new LinkedIn Groups design, the company resolved one of its most pressing problems –- LinkedIn Group spam. Group management had become cumbersome and time-consuming for many admins of medium and large groups. Flagging irrelevant discussions as promotion posts or deleting them altogether can take up to thirty minutes a day and if you didn’t invest the time to get rid of the clutter, then the group would become overrun with spam and lose its appeal to group members. The new design, however, requires people to participate if they want their discussions to get noticed. The mass posting of links as discussions will likely still continue, but without participation, the links won’t achieve “Popular” status.

1. Featured Hero Image

linkedin hero message

2. Increased Spam Control: Popular and Recent Discussion Tabs

linkedin hero message

3. Manager's Choice Selections Prominently Featured

linkedin hero message

4. New Group Information Pop-down

linkedin hero message

5. Mobile-Compatible

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