15 Women Who Feel Really Guilty About Eating Dessert

08/26/2013 10:21 am ET

Here's a bunch of women who feel really guilty about eating dessert. And no wonder -- I think we can all agree that women who eat dessert should be put in jail.

What was that? No one can see this! guilty dessert

I'm really getting away with something here. guilty dessert

I know you intended to tell others about me eating this, but don't. guilty dessert

Busted! guilty dessert

Surely no one will see me eating these donuts from under my desk. guilty dessert

Eating this cake is morally wrong but I already have it here on a plate. guilty dessert

I must've blacked out. guilty dessert

No one is seeing me take this cake out of the fridge, right? guilty dessert

I spend my free time looking wistfully at cake. guilty dessert

I'm about to do a bad thing! guilty dessert

Touching this novelty-sized cupcake is a major risk. guilty dessert

Don't worry, I'm certainly not enjoying this ice cream. guilty dessert

No one better see me eat this entire cake in my jimjams. guilty dessert

Me eating a cupcake is a playful secret. guilty dessert

Oh no now everyone knows I eat donuts with a fork! guilty dessert

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