If Alexander Skarsgard Was Leading A Soccer Chant, We Would Chant Too

08/27/2013 04:59 pm ET

If he were leading, we would follow.

Alexander Skarsgard led a chant at a Swedish soccer match for the Hammarby Sports Club players. In green and white, the "True Blood" star and native Swede rallied the fans together in a lively chant.

Skarsgard talked to TV Guide about his love of soccer in 2010 saying: "I'm a huge fan of football -- or soccer as you guys call it. Hammarby's the name of the team. They're from the dirty south of Stockholm. We're gonna get relegated now. We're not gonna play in the Swedish premiere league next year. We're that bad. That's life as a Hammarby fan -- it's kind of like, well, there's always next year."

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