08/27/2013 02:39 pm ET | Updated Aug 29, 2013

Lyndon B. Johnson Had A Car With A Wet Bar, Took Meetings On Lawn Chairs (PHOTOS)

Here's a dispatch from "The More You Know Department," in honor of what would have been Lyndon B. Johnson's 105th birthday: LBJ was a car fanatic who really enjoyed patio furniture. This is one of the many takeaways at the Lyndon B. Johnson Memorial Park in Johnson City, Texas, where you can see what the 36th President's home life was like -- right down to his favorite rides in all their gleaming splendor.

Our favorite is one that would never be listed in any history textbook: A red 1934 Ford Phaeton that had a built-in wet bar.

lyndon b johnson

Although, his "amphicar" ranks high up there, too. This little blue number was basically a presidential Duck Boat -- a vehicle that was also a boat. He enjoyed scaring visitors by taking them for rides, then careening, unannounced, into the water.

The centerpiece of the LBJ Ranch is the "Texas White House." The Johnsons had bought the property from LBJ's aunt back in 1951.
lyndon b johnson

His office was decidedly more casual in its decor, with knotted pine paneling and floral drapes.
lyndon b johnson

Instead of an official conference room, meetings were held on the lawn in patio chairs.

lyndon b johnson

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