Marina And Gigantic Riverboat For Sale At Upcoming Auctions In Baltimore (PHOTOS)

08/27/2013 02:30 pm ET
Alex Cooper Auctioneers

Some people dream of the freedom (and, of course, the fun) that comes with owning a boat. Others dream of owning the marina where those boats are parked. This listing is for that second set of people.

A Baltimore marina with more than 100 boat slips is on the market. The Cutter Marine Yacht Basin -- which, besides the slips, has showers, grills, a swimming pool and more -- will be going to auction on Sept. 12.

This is a foreclosure sale; there's no suggested opening bid. Here's a peek at what you'd be buying:

Cutter Marine Yacht Basin

Or maybe you'd prefer just to buy a boat. A really, really, really big riverboat. Alex Cooper Auction has one of those up for auction in Baltimore, too. The auction's Aug. 29 for the 140-foot Liberty Belle, which used to host high-end dinner cruises in Philadelphia and now "needs paint, it needs T.L.C.," auction agent Scott Frank told the Baltimore Business Journal.

Here's your 400 person riverboat/dinner cruise vessel, on offer with an opening bid of $50,000:

Passenger Riverboat/Dinner Cruise Vessel

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