08/27/2013 11:05 am ET

'Newlywed And Broke' Comedy Series Inspired By Real Life Couple Reko Moreno, Kat Castaneda

The well-known phrase about art imitating life has been turned into a mobius strip of comical proportions thanks to the upcoming online series “Newlywed and Broke.” The series is the creation of Reko Moreno and Kat Castaneda, a real-life couple whose fairy tale romance took a turn towards Skid Row when they realized how little change they had left in their pockets.

“It’s rough being here in L.A. and trying to live life as an actor,” explains Moreno who moved to California from Texas years ago to pursue his dreams. “You always have to have a lot of other jobs just to do what you want to do and, a lot of times, you’re doing it for free just to do it.”

“We get a lot of miscellaneous jobs,” adds Castaneda who was raised in California and Washington D.C. “I’ve gone over and helped organize somebody’s thing for like 10 bucks an hour. I do costume character work so I’ve been the penguin from Madagascar, I’ve been Dora The Explorer, I’ve been one of the Foster Farms chickens.”

What better idea for a comedy show than one that pokes a bit of fun at a situation that they and many other people in the country find themselves in?

Comedy and laughter do make for great stress relievers, after all, and the couple hopes to lighten up people’s lives while showcasing their and their friends’ talents.

“I think that’s what film and TV should do,” explains Moreno, “is help people understand and talk about something, but also find ways out and find ways to just feel part of something and, I think, that’s what we’re trying to do with this.”

The project is still in its infancy and the couple hopes to raise funds via IndieGoGo to produce a number of episodes for the internet. They hope to use these episodes to sell a TV series to a larger production house in the future. It’s a more effective and organic process than shooting a single pilot episode as viewers can also give their feedback in real-time.

Anyone interested in the series will be able to not just feel as being part of the show but can literally be part of the show in a variety of ways. Some of their donor perks for their campaign include walk-on roles on set as an extra. Large financial donors can have their party bartended by the couple for a future episode.

The couple also accepts story ideas via their “Broke Tip Tuesdays” segment. Viewers can send in their tips on how to save money for dates, rent, etc. Ideas that are accepted will be produced as a BTT segment with the tipper appearing as a co-host to introduce his/her broke tip.

“The show isn’t just our show and you watch it,” explains Moreno. “You’re a part of the show and some of your ideas might be part of the show and we’ll give you credit.”

“It’s not just about what we want to bring to them,” adds Castaneda. “We want to give them what they want to see.”

Moreno and Castaneda will be joined by a cast and crew that includes director Kico Velarde as well as actor Benito Martinez of “Sons Of Anarchy” and “The Shield.” They hope the series will allow Martinez, who is regularly typecast as a member of law enforcement or as a criminal, to show off his original skills as a comedic actor, something Moreno immediately vouches for.

For more information, visit their IndieGoGo page here.

Originally published on VOXXI as Reko Moreno, Kat Castaneda on surviving being ‘Newlywed and Broke’


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