08/28/2013 03:36 pm ET

Best Man 'Speech' Isn't Really A Speech At All (VIDEO)

As the best man, one of your roles is to get up in front of your buddy, his new husband or wife and all of their guests and give a speech at the reception. But what happens if public speaking isn't exactly your cup of tea? One best man, Ken Curry, found a creative way to get around that problem.

On Monday, the groom posted Curry's clever solution on Reddit, writing, "My best man doesn't like public speaking so instead he made this video for my wedding."

Watch the animated video above to see Curry's sweet advice for his newlywed friends. Then, click through the slideshow below for 12 tips to help you nail your wedding toast (in case making a video this impressive just isn't an option for you).

[H/T Glamour]

Stress-Free Wedding Toast Tips

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