08/28/2013 10:29 am ET

Carl Adams, Calif. Prosecutor, Questioned In Arson At Ex-Prostitute Sarah Garibay's Home

A prosecutor in California is being questioned by police in connection with an arson at the house of a former prostitute who was his clandestine lover.

According to documents obtained by CBS Sacramento, Sarah Garibay, 32, told police that she had an affair with Sutter County District Attorney Carl Adams, as well as two other men. Police said that when the prosecutor learned that Garibay was also involved with the other lovers, he sent the woman racy text messages expressing his jealousy.

No charges have been filed, and police are investigating Garibay's other paramours as well. However, police allege that the texts Adams sent point to a possible motive. Police also said that Adams showed up at the crime scene only a few hours after the house went up in flames.

Although he first denied the affair, when confronted by Garibay's statements and phone records, Adams admitted that the former paid escort was his mistress.

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Sutter County District Attorney Carl Adams (right) is being questioned in an arson investigation at a house rented by his mistress, Sarah Garibay (left).

"The personal part of this is just that — personal, and will be resolved with my wife, my pastor and God," Adams wrote in an e-mail to Fox News.

On Tuesday, Garibay's attorney disputed the police report.

“She’s shocked and dismayed that Carl Adams was dragged into this. Never did she intimate that she and Mr. Adams had an affair. She is very sad that he his reputation is being sullied. The detective’s narrative is misleading,” attorney Roberto Marquez told FOX40.

Garibay, a former stripper and prostitute, was arrested on extortion charges last week before being released on bail. In an interview with the Appeal-Democrat, the 32-year-old mother of three said she was the victim in the case.

"Some time ago, I have been a paid escort, but that's definitely in the past," Garibay told the newspaper. "Just because someone has a promiscuous kind of life doesn't make them any less of a victim."

Garibay also told the newspaper that she believes "someone is trying to smear [Adams] and they're using my name to do it."

Fox Sacramento shed light on Garibay and Adams' past:

Garibay was arrested in 2010 for covering up the murder of another lover after a third man she was having an affair with caught the couple in bed. Charges were dropped after she cooperated with police. Adams signed off on the plea deal before the two supposedly began their affair in January or February, according to the search warrant affidavit.


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