08/28/2013 10:27 pm ET | Updated Aug 29, 2013

David Frum Tweets Against Syrian Intervention, Compares Surgical Strikes To Cutting Into Hemophiliac

Daily Beast contributing editor David Frum took to Twitter Wednesday night to express his opposition to U.S. intervention in Syria.

He asserted:

Earlier in the day, President Barack Obama said the U.S. had "concluded" that the Syrian government was responsible for carrying out the chemical weapons attack on civilians that killed at least 350 people, and noted a need for "international consequences."

Although Frum acknowledged that "the pictures of those gassed Syrian kids... break my heart," he questioned discussions of action against Syria, specifically tackling talks of surgical strikes :

Frum renounced "symbolic war fighting," adding that he had yet to hear a plan for actual peace in Syria.

Frum pleaded against Syria intervention earlier this week as well, tweeting that when it comes to replacing Syrian President Bashar Assad, "it is almost always possible to find worse."

Others have spoken out against surgical strikes, including Chris Harmer, the "architect" of Syria's war plan, who said, "Tactical actions in the absence of strategic objectives is usually pointless and often counterproductive."