08/28/2013 07:20 pm ET | Updated Aug 28, 2013

Dogs In Kissing Booths Will Make Your Day (PHOTOS)

Whatever kind of day you're having is sure to improve after you see this photo of a pit bull attacking a baby with kisses, while in residence at a dog kissing booth:

dog kissing booth

The dog giving the kisses is Angel, a rescue belonging to the actress, comic and pit bull advocate Rebecca Corry; she's behind the upcoming One Million Pibble March on Washington, scheduled for May 3, 2014.

The kisses cost $1 each, with Corry raising money for pit bull rescue groups while on the road performing her Stand Up For Pits comedy show. (This photo was taken in Salt Lake City.)

The baby's mom seemed pretty excited by the doggie kissing, too:

pit bull kissing booth

Here, let's make the day even better with a whole lot more dogs in kissing booths:

dog kissing booth

pit bull kissing booth

Flickr photo by Love-A-Bull, Inc.

dog kissing booth

Flickr photo by crazbabe21

dog kissing booth

Flickr photo by ShardsOfBlue

And even more!

Pit Bull Kissing Booth

Just be careful if you see a pit bull in a kissing booth, especially a rescue, or else you might end up bringing the doggie home. Hey, speaking of -- these guys all need new homes:

Pit Bulls Needing Homes