08/29/2013 05:52 pm ET

Low Fog Rolls Into Chicago To Create Eerie, Beautiful Weather Scenes Around Town (PHOTOS)

Twittter/Brendan Bond

The weekend is still a day away, but Chicago looked awful sleepy -- and spooky -- early Thursday.

A low-hanging fog crept around the Windy City throughout the day, sweeping over the river, Soldier Field and out to the lake. Below, we gathered a few samples from the city's ever-intrepid Tweeters (and visitors) who snapped gorgeous and occasionally eerie photos of the Chicago looking like something out of a John Carpenter movie.

From up in the sky:

From right around HuffPost Chicago's HQ!

From some unknown sky palace:

From a chopper on the South Side:

From the cheap seats:

From an undisclosed demon-proof bunker:


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