OK, Literal Metaphor Stock Photos, We Get It (PHOTOS)

08/29/2013 10:51 am ET

Why is no one acknowledging this elephant that's indoors? literal metaphor stock photos

Making time travel through the air quickly? literal

Floating lightbulb? metaphore

We don't want your apple, doctor. apple body image

Sure. metaphore

Where are you? At the end of your string? metaphore

That was a real cliff all along?! metaphore

Oh crap, someone opened up a real can of earth. metaphore

This guy has a lot of personal electronic devices. metaphore

Hey, what are you guys doing? climb corporate ladder

Money cow? cash cow

Wait, why are you giving someone two pennies? my two cents

What is this? Walking on former egg encasings for some reason? walk on eggshells

What's it gonna be, guy? Water or air? glass half full or half empty

This tree has dollar bills instead of leaves. That doesn't seem right. money grows on trees

Come on! think outside the box

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