Chris Murphy On Syria: Chuck Hagel, Obama Have Not Briefed The Senate On War Plans

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Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) joined HuffPost Live Thursday to discuss the role of Congress in authorizing military force in Syria.

"[The Administration] has certainly been in consultation with us, but not with respect to any specific plans," Murphy told host Mike Sacks.

"We actually did hold the vote on giving the President authorization to arm the rebels there. So we certainly have been talking to the Administration about that work -- about how you may arm Syrian rebels," Murphy continued. "But with respect to these new deliberations about a potential military strike from the air, I have not had discussions with the Administration on those plans."

Earlier in the interview, Murphy noted that although it's not necessary for the President to come to Congress in order for the legislative body to convene, he nonetheless should.

"I would like the President to come to Congress. I don't believe we have to have the authorization of the United Nations in this case," Murphy said.

To hear more from Sen. Murphy, watch the full segment HERE.

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