08/31/2013 09:29 am ET

Hurtado Residence Is The Epitome Of Las Vegas Luxury Homes (PHOTOS)

When we think of Las Vegas, there are a few things that come to mind: bright lights, a lot of bling and over-the-top everything. And lo and behold, the Hurtado Residence, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, has all that and much more.

According to our friends at The Pinnacle List, this 10,000-square-foot home was designed by famed architect Mark Tracy of Chemical Spaces. The listing says it's perfect for "entertaining hip, young guests and partygoers." And well, just looking at the floating staircase, custom artwork and insane blue LED lighting throughout the house, it's clear that this is not for the old at heart.

And although some of these features are a bit much for us, we can always appreciate nice flooring, a beautiful fireplace and a fancy kitchen. Scroll through our slideshow to see photos of this place, and be sure to head over to The Pinnacle List for more information.

The Hurtado Residence
The Hurtado Residence

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