Vine, Twitter’s micro-video social network, is perhaps the best form of entertainment for Generation Distraction. With a limit of 6 seconds per video, it’s easy for viewers to absorb a diverse array of content in just a few minutes and forces Vine-makers to be concise with their creations. The result is a steady supply of some of the most hilarious, surprising and inventive mini-movies around.

To celebrate this relatively new media, we'll be doing a weekly compilation of our favorite Vines. This week we have everything from a drunken Mario to cruel bathroom stall pranks and, of course, the best way to "drive people crazy." If you see something you like, we encourage you to follow its creator on Vine and if there’s something you don’t like, well, just wait a few seconds and it will be over.

Video produced by Oliver Noble and Hannah Levy

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  • chris delia

    Chris D'Elia’s Vines combine cleverness and a healthy dose of well-deserved meanness. The next time you see someone being ridiculous in public, you’ll wish Delia was there to mock him or her on Vine.

  • Pinot

    Pinot makes amazing stop-motion animations that will re-calibrate your expectations for what six seconds can do. And if you’re into adorable stuff, he occasionally includes his eight-year old daughter in his Vines.

  • KingBach

    KingBach packs a satisfying mini-sketch into each 6-second Vine. He also has Vine friends and rivals who make cameo appearances in his videos, so following him is a great way to find other Viners.

  • yelldesign

    Yelldesign transforms everyday objects and consumer products into smart, often unexpected animations.

  • Brittany Furlan

    Brittany Furlan is at her best when she’s breaking the everyday rules of human interaction. Have you ever wanted to steal someone’s cart at the grocery store? Don’t do that; just follow Brittany Furlan.

  • Lilly and the Hairless

    Lilly and the Hairless’ Vines chronicle the friendship of a Peking Terrier named Lilly and her bestie, a hairless Spynx cat. Supporting characters include a guinea pig and two adorable pugs.

  • Brittlestar

    Brittlestar makes interactive Vines, where your thumb and index finger get to play a leading role. His videos really make use of Vine as a medium, and it will be interesting to see how he plays with the platform next.

  • Eric Nakassa

    Eric Nakassa’s Vines are diverse; he’ll post anything from a catchy guitar loop, to an awesome stop-motion animation, to a goofy moment with friends. Regardless of the subject matter, though, Nakassa’s Vines are always packed with creative details.

  • meagan cignoli

    Meagan Cignoli is a New York-based photographer, and her Vines creatively incorporate her visual talent into 6-second works of art.

  • Will Sasso

    Will Sasso’s Vines deliver hilarious impressions, healthy doses of self-deprecation, and succinct observations. Basically, he’s really funny.

  • Duck Dynasty

    The characters of A&E’s <em>Duck Dynasty</em> are killing it on Vine. If you just can’t get enough DD, or if you can only handle these guys in small doses, follow them on Vine.

  • Nicholas Megalis

    If you don’t feel like thinking too much but want to laugh hard, Nicholas Megalis is your man. His brand of humor is simple, weird as hell, and always hilarious.

  • Cameron Dallas

    Cameron Dallas uses Vine to showcase his natural funniness. Like Brittany Furlan, he absolutely kills it when he ropes strangers into awkward situations.

  • Bo Burnham

    YouTube might be Bo Burnham’s first home, but Vine is a close second. The comedian’s videos feature clever visual gags and concise jokes.

  • Daz_Black

    When your life feels a little too normal and boring, check to see what Daz_Black is up to on Vine. He’s definitely weird, but good weird.

  • Ian Padgham

    Ian Padgham uses his six seconds wisely, smartly fusing objects and backgrounds to make satisfying stop-motion animations.

  • Nick Confalone

    Nick Confalone, his baby, his cat, and his warm sense of humor make for some great Vines.

  • Khoa

    Khoa uses paper to make entertaining animations.

  • Ram Malichy

    If blowing smoke rings is Smoke Art 101, Ram Malichy has a PhD. His Vines showcase his ability to blow impressive smoke patterns and shapes.

  • Josh Darnit

    Josh Darnit is a funny man with a distinctive beard. His Vines with his son, Evancredible (also on Vine), are always entertaining.