Marty Daniels, 78, Describes 60 Years Of Dancing With His Wife, And You WILL Cry (VIDEO)

09/04/2013 12:04 pm ET | Updated Sep 04, 2013

Marty Daniels was 13 when he started dancing -- he learned ballroom steps to prepare for a cotillion.

Sixty years later, at a salsa class, Daniels met filmmaker Michael Lei, who decided to share his story of love and perseverance.

A Korea War vet who lost his wife and lifelong dance partner to breast cancer three months ago, Daniel describes the six decades on the dance floor with her, and his plans to honor her memory.

"She pulled me out of my shell," Daniels said, "Dragged me out to the dance floor and I've been dancing ever since."

Now 78, Daniels is determined to finish the dancing bucket list they made together -- from dancing the tango in Argentina, to the samba in Rio.

"We were married for over 60 years and a day didn't go by when we didn't dance together," he said.

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