09/04/2013 08:05 am ET

Natural Hair Comments That Made Headlines

Sheryl Underwood's comments on her show The Talk have, once again, opened the floodgates in the mainstream media about the topic of self-love (or self-hate) and natural black hair. Over the years, comments about natural hair have stirred both positive and negative conversation within the black community. Below we highlight some of the most recent headlines on natural hair.

  • 1 Sheryl Underwood: “Why would you save Afro hair?”
    Over the weekend, The Talk re-aired an episode that discussed things parents save from their children. The discussion launched with a quote from Heidi Klum where she explained that she saves her children's afro hair. Underwood responds with the comment: “Why would you save Afro hair?” She further goes on to say: "You can’t weave afro hair.” “You never see us at the hair place going ‘Look, here, what I need here is, I need those curly, nappy beads…That just seems nasty.”
  • 2 Wendy Williams On Viola Davis: "...I don’t wanna see Room 222 flashbacks on the red carpet."
    Skip to the three minute mark when the discussion goes to hair. The show she brings up, Room 222, might not be one you are familiar with. But many sites have taken the comment to mean that Wendy is saying Davis reminds her of Pete Dixon, the male teacher from the show who donned a short fro.
  • 3 Solange Knowles: "I've never painted myself as team natural vice president."
    When Solange spontaneously launched a twitter rant against the "natural hair police" the internet went crazy.
  • 4 Lil Mama: “I posted the picture of my hair and people were like ‘Omg you look like a shocked slave!’"
    In an interview last summer with LoveBrownSugar, Lil Mama explained the backlash she experienced after posting a photo of her natural hair: "I posted the picture of my hair and people were like ‘Omg you look like a shocked slave!’ I didn’t get one comment from a white person about my hair. All of them came from the sisters that had these bullsh** helmut weaves looking like a fake a** Nicki Minaj. They don’t know who they are. And the people they’re looking to for guidance don’t know who they are either, which sucks.”
  • 5 Rhonda Lee, Meteorologist Fired After Responding To Comment About Her Hair
    Rhonda Lee was terminated from her position at KTBS 3 News, an ABC affiliate in Shreveport, La., after responding to racially charged remarks about her short natural hairstyle.
  • 6 Melissa Harris-Perry Discusses Black Hair On Her MSNBC Show
    Melissa Harris-Perry featured a roundtable of black women who are natural including actress Nicole Ari Parker and Nikki Walton founder of She also made headlines for a piece she wrote for Essence titled My Daughter, Myself where she interviewed her daughter.


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