Every season, experts at Pantone decide on the top colors in fashion for men and women. On Wednesday, Pantone revealed the top hues for spring 2014, and the No. 1 color for women may remind you of something.

The top color for women for spring 2014 is called "Dazzling Blue." It's the same as the nail polish Facebook sells in its office, called "Social Butterfly Blue" and meant to match the company's signature blue.

In addition to the Facebook color match, "Dazzling Blue" is the same color as the one used for the New York City bike share program, Citibike, Pantone tells Women's Wear Daily.

Pantone decides a season's color based on the season's runway looks at New York Fashion week. A total of 17.05 percent of designers used the blue hue in their spring 2014 fashions for women, WWD reported.

Though it does not seem to be the exact color of Facebook's logo, "Dazzling Blue" is certainly quite similar to the site's signature coloring.

Mark Zuckerberg actually chose to make Facebook blue for a very specific reason: He can see it. He is red-green colorblind, so he chose blue for Facebook. "Blue is the richest color for me. I can see all of blue," he told The New Yorker in 2010.

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