09/05/2013 07:05 am ET Updated Sep 15, 2014

Every Fritter Recipe You Want And Need


We like healthy eating as much as the next person. We're always happy to make a big salad. And we appreciate a giant bowl of vegetable soup for lunch. But what we really love to do with our vegetables isn't actually healthy at all: We like to batter and fry them into golden crisp fritters. We know this pretty much defeats the purpose of eating healthy vegetables, but hey, they taste really good this way.

Corn and zucchini are the most popular fritter recipes, but those aren't the only vegetables you can batter and fry. We've got fritter recipes for okra, artichoke and carrots. Even celery can be turned into a fritter. Get the oil out, guys, and start frying -- these recipes are worth it.

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Corn Recipes
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