COPENHAGEN, Denmark -- Danish toy maker Lego says sales soared 13 percent during the first six months of 2013, thanks partly to the new "Lego Friends" series of building blocks designed for girls.

The privately owned company said Thursday that it made a net profit of 2.4 billion kroner ($424 million) on revenue of 10.4 billion kroner ($1.8 billion).

Lego said series like "Legends of Chima" and "Lego Friends" were among the most popular and that sales were particularly high in Asia.

Lego's other toy series include "Star Wars" and "Ninjago." Last month the company said it will launch a special series themed on the American sitcom "The Simpsons" next year.

The company is not publicly listed but has published earning reports since 1997. It does not release quarterly figures.

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