Multiple shark tanks, a personal grotto and a half-million dollar drop in price will make this someone's dream house.

Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas, whose shoe-pooping incident is not the most colorful event in his past, left the D.C. area at the end of 2010.

His idiosyncratic 9,000-square-foot Northern Virginia home, however -- heavy on the shark tanks, and also featuring an outdoor pool, seven bedrooms, 10 baths, that personal grotto and then some more shark tanks -- remains.

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The house, located at 10919 Georgetown Pike, Great Falls, Va., went on the market in June 2012 for $3.5 million, but was taken off some six months later. It was re-listed this July for same price; then $250,000 was shaved off in August. Another $252,000 came off at the beginning of September.

And, hey, if you do buy this big house, that extra $500,000 might come in handy. Arenas, now playing ball in China (working, fittingly, for the Shanghai Sharks), once said that feeding the sharks kept in the tanks costs some $5,000 per month.

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