09/09/2013 02:49 pm ET Updated Sep 13, 2013

New Fly Species Named After Popeye


Neal Evenhuis, a senior entomologist for Honolulu's Bishop Museum, recently discovered a new "hotspot of speciation in flies" in the remote islands of French Polynesia, according to

Evenhuis lovingly named one of the new fly species the Campsicnemus popeye, which, according to his report in the zoological taxonomy journal Zootaxa, derives from "the American cartoon character 'Popeye the Sailor Man', who had swollen forearms; and refers to the swollen mid tibia of the males."

The species, however, doesn't like spinach, according the the L.A. Times. They are strict carnivores. They do, however, take after their namesake in one respect. Just as Popeye courted Olive Oyl, so too do the male flies who "flex their Popeye legs to attract mates."

All things are relative, after all, but head over to the L.A. Times story to see what the Popeye of flies looks like. Not something we'd want to swat.


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