Rare Puppies Born In The UK Are The Cutest Cause For Celebration Today (VIDEO)

09/09/2013 09:41 pm 21:41:10

It's always a good day when there are newborn puppies to celebrate, but it's even more of a special occasion when their birth helps preserve a rare breed.

According to the Daily Mail, a litter of 10 healthy Stabyhoun pups was delivered in the UK in late August, more than doubling the country's existing population of seven -- and quadrupling its cuteness.

As you can see in the Daily Mail's video, the 2-week-old puppies can do little more than nap and snuggle up to their mom, 5-year-old Rikje, but they've already got our hearts in a sling. The 10 babies, three female and seven male, will all soon be heading to happy homes.

Christina Savage, President of the UK Stabyhoun Association, told the Times that "the mating only went ahead when we were sure that there were loving homes waiting upon their arrival."

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