09/10/2013 11:01 am ET | Updated Sep 11, 2013

20 Reasons A Cat Is The Best Investment You'll Ever Make

We've given you plenty of reasons that prove that getting a dog can solve 99 percent of your problems, but if you've been on the Internet in the last decade, you know that cats can weave magic into your life, too.

And here's why.

1. It definitely has something to do with the proportion of a kitten's head to the rest of its body.
Tiny kitten is tiny...

2. And the magical moments when they decide to cuddle you back.
I am her only love

3. Everyone knows that more cats = more happiness.

4. Even Stephen Colbert is a crazy cat lady.
Colbert and Kittens, things Imgurians like

5. You see, contrary to popular belief, they are very expressive creatures.
Fave Flickr cats..

6. They have tons of affection to give.. but ONLY when they choose to.

7. They will surprise you in the most adorable ways.
this will break imgur

8. All they really want to do is help out (sort of).

9. When you belong to a cat, he'll take care of you..

10. ..Always.
My grandma broke her hip. Her cat Vincent visits her everyday and always ends up in her arms!

11. Then, of course, there's that boop.
Boop to turn off kitten

12. Plus, they're weird like us.

13. Cats understand what's important to humans, like sleeping.
So cute!

14. Fine dining.

15. Not exercising.

16. Did we mention sleeping?

17. Literally anywhere.
stack o cats

18. And pretty much always in the most precious way possible.

19. Seriously, how do they do it?

20. It takes work to make them love you -- but when they do, they'll love you like no one else will.


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