09/10/2013 10:54 am ET | Updated Sep 10, 2013

Keith Olbermann Rips Russia's Anti-Gay Laws, International Olympics Committee (VIDEO)

Keith Olbermann blasted Russia's anti-gay laws and the International Olympic Committee for nine minutes on Monday night.

Backlash against Russia's anti-gay legislation has Olympic sponsors concerned about the potential effects of being associated with the 2014 winter games in Sochi. The Russian government in turn has promised not to enforce the laws on foreigners or athletes. The head of the games has also asked the IOC for help to "stop this campaign and this speculation," while IOC marketing executive Gerhard Heiberg expressed fear that "this could ruin a lot for all of us."

Olbermann mocked each party with vigor on Monday night, calling out the Russian government for its laws and the IOC for only focusing on "cash" and protecting their "phony baloney" jobs.


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