09/10/2013 03:31 pm ET Updated Sep 11, 2013

Vanessa Druckman, ChefDruck Blogger, Cooks Up French Classics For A Chicago Picnic (VIDEO)

Actor, comedian and chef Anthony Anderson's cross-country trek to find some of America's best home chefs recently made another stop in Chicago -- and, once again, the Windy City's trademark pizza and ketchup-free hot dogs were off the menu.

In a recent episode of AOL's "Anthony Eats America," Anderson met up with Vanessa Druckman, a.k.a. Chicago's "French foodie mom" and the creator of the popular blog Chefdruck, for a picnic in front of a backdrop including the Willis Sears Tower.

Joined by Druckman and her daughter JuJu, Anderson samples some of the blogger's trademark family-friendly French classics starting (why not?) with dessert -- including a moelleaux au chocolat (chocolate cake) and a tarte aux pommes (apple pie) -- and continuing with salad nicoise and a quiche lorraine.


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