'I Hate California: Wine Country' Video Mocks Golden State's Beautiful Vineyards (GRAPHIC LANGUAGE)

09/11/2013 03:55 pm ET | Updated Sep 12, 2013

Comedian Suzi Barrett is guzzling the Golden State hate-orade again in the third installment of her "I Hate California" series. This week's target? California's beautiful wine country.

There's a lot to hate about Napa. Barrett lists "plentiful simplicity," "bountiful green hills" and "edible beauty" among its worst offenses. There's also copious tasting room gauntlets to go through, which Barrett handles like a pro.

"Aggressively flavorful," she says, swirling a wine glass. "Almost racist in its flavor."

Our favorite line? "Stop. Making me. Drink prosecco in a bubble bath." Talk about a California problem.

Warning: Barrett uses the f-word. A lot.

Check out her other hate-filled manifestos against San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. We can't wait to see if she's bold enough to take on the City of Angels.

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