2 Chainz Reveals The Surprising Reason He Went To Strip Clubs At 15 (VIDEO)

09/13/2013 05:59 pm 17:59:35

Growing up in Atlanta, rapper 2 Chainz was no stranger to the city's "90-something" strip clubs, but he became a patron much earlier than most.

During an interview with HuffPost Live's Marc Lamont Hill, 2 Chainz revealed the surprising draw that brought him to the adult establishments.

"During my teenage, 15, 16 years, I remember going to strip clubs just because they had free popcorn," he said.

Not to worry -- 2 Chainz does, in fact, realize how strange that sounds.

"I know that sounds crazy. What am I doing?" he said. "But it's like a movie in some of them clubs."

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