09/14/2013 09:10 am ET

11 Best DIY Anthropologie Hacks From Pinterest (PHOTOS)

Ah, Anthropologie. That cruel mistress of the retail world -- a store filled with gorgeous quirky things, with mostly eyebrow-raising price tags. So we repent to Pinterest...which happens to be filled with veryyyy similar gorgeous quirky things, with much smaller price tags. The only catch? We have to DIY. With the money you save, though, the effort is worth it.

Here are our favorite Anthropologie-inspired DIYs, via Pinterest.

Old-Timey Basket Lamp

Hand-Painted Bowls

"Living Thing" Ring Dish

Confetti Glassware

Zinc Letters

Rose Vase

Printed Napkins

Upholstered Folding Chairs

Trimmed Nightstands

Faux Flowers

Desk Organizer

Handmade Mason Jar Ideas
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