Diddy Loses A Million Dollars To Rick Ross In A Game Of Craps, Treats It Like Chump Change

09/15/2013 04:40 pm ET

What's a million dollar between friends?

Diddy and pal Rick Ross played a game of dice yesterday, more specifically Craps, and upon making a bad call -- Diddy ended up owing Ross one million dollars.

The rap mogul snapped a video of the event and put it up on Instagram, captioning it: "I just lost a million dollars. It ain't nothin #SuckMyDickBitch."

Ross, in turn, posted Diddy's IOU note to his Instagram and wrote: "I had Puff write me a contract for the 1million $$ I won from him Rollin dice. #Dreamteam #BoutdatLife #Vegas #Family."

Diddy subsequently posted a photo of the two of them, captioning it: "VEGAS! Come meet me and @richforever at Club Rain at the Palm NOW!!!! #CirocBoyz."

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