09/15/2013 10:02 am ET

Jets Fan On Slingshot Screams, Allegedly Poops Pants (VIDEO)

Amusement park fun cams are the best if you enjoy capturing footage of yourself in abject terror saying stuff that normally wouldn't dare cross your lips in social situations. The Internet is the best for preserving such precious moments for posterity.

Here's a man in a Jets jersey on a slingshot ride. He screams. He screams that he pooped his pants. He screams some more. His female companion doesn't look too disturbed about the ride or the pants-crapping assertion, be it figurative or literal.

Appropriately titled website Crapasaurus whimsically suggested that the footage may be the next Jimmy Kimmel prank. That suggestion smells worse than the slingshotted shorts of a certain Jets fan allegedly do.

Although the described situation does not stray outside the behavioral oeuvre of the average Jets fan, there's simply no way to fact-check whether or not this man has spoken truthfully. Good thing it's also funny that he is screaming like a goat.


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