With all the excitement over The Replacements reunion, it's easy to forget that some of the most amazing parts of Riot Fest 2013 had nothing to do with music -- and everything to do with butter.

Presenting the most important piece of art to result from any 2013 summer festival, "Butter Stamos:"

Have mercy! It's "Butter Stamos" from Riot Fest 2013. (Kim Bellware/Huffington Post)

The incredible masterpiece depicting Jesse And The Rippers frontman and "Full House" heartthrob John Stamos was painstaking sculpted all weekend long by "The Jay-Z of food art," 68-year-old Jim Victor.

(See more of Jim Victor's butter sculptures.)

"How these things come about, I don't know," Victor told DNAinfo Chicago "I thought I was gonna do it on one of the headlining acts."

In fact, the good-looking Greek handily beat out Riot Fest performers Oderus Urungus of GWAR and Andrew W.K. for the honor of having his likeness (circa the mid-90s Jesse Katsopolis era) carved in Land O' Lakes for this year's Riot Fest Butter Sculpture of Awesomeness.

The actor gave his seal of approval via Twitter Sunday:

As if a bust of Uncle Jesse weren't great enough, we also caught the most amazing hula hoop routine we've ever seen, all synched to The Violent Femmes "Confessions" performance.

While hula hoopers at music festivals are just about the most annoying thing in the world, this talented lady was hands-down fantastic (embedded below).

Below, we coaxed a handful of fest-goers to share with us what they found amazing, gross, weird and wonderful about Riot Fest 2013.

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  • Brian Hendrickson, 29, of St. Paul, Minn.

    <strong>Band you are/were most excited to see?</strong> Danzig. They were incredible. <strong>And on Friday the 13th, no less!</strong> It was kinda perfect. <strong>What's the craziest thing you've seen today?</strong> It was kind of fun to see Masked Intruder just walking around and interviewing people.

  • James, 24, Morris, Ill.

    <strong>Band you are/were most excited to see?</strong> Blink-182 and a bunch of shit, really. <strong>And your biggest Riot Fest surprise?</strong> The Butter Stamos is intense.

  • Nick and Tara, 25 and 24, Bismarck, N.D.

    <strong>Did you guys fly here?</strong> Well, we flew from Bismarck to Minneapolis and Minneapolis to here. <strong>Band you are/were most excited to see?</strong> Rancid! We've never seen them before. <strong>What's the craziest thing you've seen here at Riot Fest?</strong> Tara: We saw those zombie girls, and we saw some people fighting over cabs last night. <strong>Yikes, was it pretty intense?</strong> Intense for us. We've never been to a big city like this so it's crazy.

  • Cynthia Ferrerya, 41, South Beach Miami

    <strong>Band you are/were most excited to see?</strong> The Selector and Danzig with Doyle was out of hand. They played a slow song -- "How the Gods Kill" and I melted. And Joan Jett was unbelievable. I'm looking forward to seeing Blondie too. <strong>Biggest surprise of the fest?</strong> How many people are here this year! It's awesome. Everyone in Chicago is really cool and open, plus the park is beautiful with the trees and everything.

  • Kameron, 18, San Francisco

    <strong>Band you are/were most excited to see?</strong> Brand New. It's amazing that they're here. They never tour and are very private as a band. Their being here is part of why I jumped on this so quickly. Everything else is a bonus. I didn't realize how much rich history there is to Riot Fest until I started looking into it before the fest. It's incredible. <strong>Craziest thing you've seen? </strong> The sideshow acts are great. I saw a guy juggling fire who was great.

  • Brendan, 34, Ravenswood (Chicago)

    <strong>Band you are/were most excited to see?</strong> Public Enemy. But I mainly came for the people watching. <strong>Has that lived up to your expectation?</strong> It's been great! There are some really weird people here and I like it. <strong>Biggest surprises of the festival? </strong> The smaller stages have been great and I like their feel. The Interrupters were fantastic. Sort of punk-ska. I'd totally go see them again.

  • Anna, Chicago Heights

    <strong>How old are you?</strong> I feel so old! 22. <strong>You're not old. Band you're most excited to see?</strong> Brand New and Fall Out Boy! All the pop-punk basically. <strong>How did you like Fall Out Boy?</strong> Amazing! They had to stop two song into their set because of the crowd. <strong>What's the craziest thing you've seen here? </strong>The outfits! Let's just say there were some very short shorts and a tank top on a much bigger person.

  • Mike Maerz (center), 38, Humboldt Park (Chicago)

    <strong>So, you got to walk here?</strong> Yep, exactly! <strong>Band you are/were most excited to see?</strong> Rancid. And Violent Femmes. <strong>Biggest surprise of the fest?</strong> The amount of people. It's at least a third more people than last year. I'm not sure if it's word of mouth or if they promoted it differently.

  • Brooke (left) and Amanda, 20 and 23, Ohio

    Can't you tell we're sisters? <strong>I see it, totally! Band you are/were most excited to see?</strong> B: Brand New. I will cry. I have five favorite bands and four of them were playing Riot Fest -- until Say Anything dropped out, so now it's three. Still not bad! <strong>Biggest surprise at the fest so far? </strong> B: I grew up in Chicago so I really can't be surprised in an environment like this. A: Actually, the carnival. I was surprised by how much of a real carnival it is. It's sweet.

  • Tronny, 45 (left) and Shari, 43 (right), Decatur, Ill.

    <strong>Band you are/were most excited to see?</strong> Tronny: Pixies Shari: Violent Femmes <strong>What's the craziest thing you've seen today?</strong> Tronny: A guy with Christmas lights on his pants. Shari: The porta potties! Things were ... piled up <em>[makes the shape of a mountain].</em> <strong>GROSS! What'd you do?</strong> Shari: I went to a different one, that's for sure! <strong>Overall impressions of Riot Fest?</strong> Tronny: It's an awesome lineup. I give it a 5/5. Shari: I'd change the beer ticketing. You have to get seven tickets for a beer that costs $7 or $8, so you end up with like, 60 tickets just to get a few drinks.

  • Pete, 52, Chicago

    <em>[Pete didn't want to be photographed so we took this creepshot of a guy dressed as Gumby using the Porta Potties as a stand-in]</em> <strong>Band you are/were most excited to see?</strong> I'm waiting in the rain to see the Pixies. <strong>What's the craziest thing you've seen today?</strong> These mimes or Japanese outfits. People dressed really strange. <strong>Anything you'd change about Riot Fest?</strong> I'd plant more grass [in the park.] Also, I wish Kim Deal [of the Pixies] were here.

(Interviews by Joe Erbentraut and Kim Bellware)

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