09/16/2013 05:14 pm ET

Unreleased Kanye West Track 'Candy' With Myleka Surfaces Years After Being Recorded


Before he was Yeezus, Kanye West was an upstart rapper and already famous producer who spent time cutting tracks for other artists. One of these early Kanye productions made its way online today: a song called "Candy" by a singer named Myleka, featuring both a beat and rap verses from Kanye.

While the beat from "Candy" was later used by Trina for her Ludacris-assisted track "B R Right," this original track never saw the light of day. Reportedly recorded in the early '00s, "Candy" was likely done before Kanye released his first solo studio album, 2004's "The College Dropout."

Take a listen to "Candy," via Fake Shore Drive, below.

Because there's never enough Kanye, also peep another Kanye-featured gem, "Crazy," which is making the rounds as well.

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