"Basically, the mega rich are mega richer," said Forbes Senior Editor Kerry Dolan regarding the magazine's annual list of 400 richest Americans.

And that goes for the richest man in Florida, Carnival's Micky Arison who appears at the 70th spot on the list.

His net worth soared by nearly one billion dollars since last year even with the Costa Concordia wreck that killed 32 people and a fire on Carnival Triumph that stranded passengers.

Who are these billionaires? Most are men, many are involved with oil or pharmaceuticals, and several own sports teams.

Of the 400 billionaires, 273 are self-made, according to Forbes, 71 inherited their wealth, and 56 inherited a portion of their worth but are actively growing it.

Read on for the ten richest residents in Florida, according to Forbes:

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    70. Micky Arison
    Worth: $5.9 billion City: Bal Harbour Business: Carnival Cruises Fact: Arison's worth is on the rise despite the Costa Concordia wreck that killed 32 people in 2012. He stepped down as Carnival CEO and is now Chairman.
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    98. Dirk Ziff
    Worth: $4.6 billion City: North Palm Beach Business: Cofounder of Ziff Family Investments, inherited family money Fact: Ziff is the eldest son of publishing magnate William Ziff Jr. who founded the Ziff Davis empire, publisher of "PC Magazine" and "Car and Driver."
  • -1
    102. Malcolm Glazer And Family
    Getty Images
    Worth: $4.5 billion City: Palm Beach Business: CEO of First Allied Corp., owns part of Manchester United and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fact: Was a victim of a death hoax last May, sending Twitter into a frenzy.
  • -2
    122. Shahid Khan
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    Worth: $3.8 billion City: Naples Business: CEO of the Flex-N-Gate Group, owns the Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham soccer team Fact: This year, he bought the Fullham soccer team for $300 million.
  • -3
    122. William (Bill) Koch
    Worth: $3.8 billion City: Palm Beach Business: Oil Fact: Bought a Colorado ghost town and had it moved 10 miles away to his ranch.
  • -4
    143. Randal (R.J.) Kirk
    Worth: $3.4 billion City: Manalapan Business: Biotech Fact: He is the son of a drill sergeant and an "avid falconer."
  • -5
    161. Terry Pegula
    Worth: $3.1 billion City: Boca Raton Business: Natural gas, owns Buffalo Sabres Fact: He gave $102 million to his alma mater Penn State University for a hockey arena and field a division one team.
  • -6
    166. Phillip Frost
    Worth: $3 billion City: Miami Beach Business: Chairman of Teva Pharmaceuticals Fact: Frost and his wife donated money to the new science museum in Miami, which will be named in their honor.
  • -7
    166. Robert Rich, Jr.
    Rich Products
    Worth: $3 billion City: Islamorada Business: Rich Products (frozen food) Fact: He's an avid fisherman, watch this video or him catching a 1100-pound billfish.
  • -8
    184. Edward Lampert
    Worth: $2.9 billion City: Miami Beach Business: Chairman of Kmart and hedge fund manager Fact: At Yale, he was a member of Skull & Bones, the same secret senior secret society that's given rise to U.S. presidents, supreme court justices, and CIA heads.

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