The best pranks involve a lot of creativity and commitment. Let's just say this one is overflowing with both.

Found via Daily Picks and Flicks, who suspects it might be a viral ad for New Zealand's TUI Beer.

If you don't have the patience for art, a shorter version is available here.

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  • Blah, Blah, Blah

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  • A Thought Provoking Question

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  • It's Always 5 o'clock Somewhere

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  • A Healthy Life Mantra

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  • It's For A Good Cause

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  • The Best Kind Of Soup

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  • Be Like The Anchorman

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  • Today Is Not Special

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  • Drink Your College Years Away

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  • It's A Mystery

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  • A Very Logical Sign

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  • When Life Gets Boring

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  • Pro Tip

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  • Where Happiness Is Sold

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  • 5 Reasons

    I only need one and it's the cat-like reflexes.

  • Why Not?

    No reason necessary.

  • That's A Good Deal

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  • Heartbroken?

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  • A No-Brainer

    Until you look a little closer.