09/17/2013 09:45 am ET

13 Reasons Stephen Colbert Is The Ballsiest Comedian On TV


When we think of Stephen Colbert, 15 words come to mind: great big gigantic balls that would and should terrify everything and everyone in their path.

(That's what we all think, right?)

He's a fearless satirist who can wring humor out of almost any topic, while simultaneously leaving his audience more educated and humane than they were before. But perhaps even more importantly, he does it all while seeming to have the best possible time, and passing that feeling on to anyone watching him who's open to taking the ride.

With that in mind, here are 13 reasons we think Stephen Colbert is the ballsiest comedian on TV. (Also, it's high-time he won the Emmy.)

  • 1 He is a Super PAC and so can we.

    If there was any confusion about what the Citizen's United ruling and unlimited private donations meant to our election system, there certainly wasn't after Colbert was through mucking about with them. The host created a very real PAC, followed by a Super PAC during the 2012 campaign season, and with a little help from Jon Stewart, educated Americans on exactly how much he could bend the rules every night.
  • 2 He pledged Jimmy Fallon's money to charity.
    After auctioning off a portrait of himself for $26,000, Colbert went on his show and announced that Jimmy Fallon had agreed to match those funds. Only problem was, he never told Jimmy he was going to do that. As Fallon explained in an interview with our own Arianna, "Literally he did not call me or ask me or consult with me and see if I would ever match $26,000 to a charity." We guess Colbert just KNEW his BFF for six months would come through.
  • 3 He gave the most daring WHCD speech ever.

    It might not have gone over well in the room, but Colbert's daring in-character take down of George W. Bush stands as one of the most epic comedic monologues of all time.
  • 4 He also testified in character before the House.
    A lot of people weren't amused by Colbert's in-character testimony before a House hearing on undocumented farm workers, but his appearance shed critical light on an issue that most people don't understand, while also mocking that misunderstanding at its source.
  • 5 He shaved his head for the troops.

    In June of 2009, Colbert took the "Report" to Iraq and taped four shows for soldiers at Camp Victory. During the first taping, he submitted to a military-style haircut, ordered by President Obama himself.
  • 6 He ran for President Of The United States Of South Carolina.
    Colbert heightened the absurdity of forming his own Super PAC by deciding to "explore" running for President Of The United States Of South Carolina. But before he could enter the election, he was legally required to hand over the reigns of his Super PAC to a trusted source, i.e. Jon Stewart.
  • 7 He trolls uptight British people.

    Colbert's was the only Royal Wedding coverage we cared about.
  • 8 He copes with rejection like a boss.
    After Daft Punk cancelled their appearance on "The Colbert Report" the day before the taping, Colbert took the high road and mercilessly mocked them, MTV and Viacom. He also revealed the reason: that Daft Punk was to be a surprise performer at the VMA's in September. So... SURPRISE!
  • 9 He gave us the best Maurice Sendak interview.

    Watch part two here.
  • 10 He tells it like it is no matter where he is.

    Take that, Babylon.
  • 11 He makes the most of every 'sponsortunity.'
    It is a brave marketing director who gives Stephen Colbert money for a branded segment. In this Wheat Thins episode, Colbert read an actual memo sent to him by the company, explaining Wheat Thins' role in all of our lives.
  • 12 He takes second billing to NO ONE.

    Colbert supersized his show for Sir Paul McCartney, giving his 150-person audience a mini concert with the Beatles legend. Nevertheless, when it came time for the interview, Colbert still took center stage, as per usual.
  • 13 He tells the important stories.

    Colbert's segment about Mayor Johnny Cumming's of Vicco, Ky. took the internet by storm and for good reason: it was hilarious, heartfelt and deeply touching.

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