09/18/2013 09:35 am ET

Jon Stewart Mocks Cable News 'Wrongnado' On Navy Yard Shooting (VIDEO)

Cable news made some major errors in the initial reporting of the Navy Yard shooting — a disaster that Jon Stewart described as a "wrongnado" on Tuesday night.

Thirteen people, including the gunman, were killed during Monday's shooting at the Washington Navy Yard. Initial news reports disseminated inaccurate information about the number of shooters, the gunman's name and type of weapon the gunman used.

Stewart mocked the networks with vigor on Tuesday. "It's times like these we require the context and clarity that only these noble dormant cable giants... can provide," he said. "I'm sorry, did I say 'context and clarity'? I meant, speculation."

"Yes, for every all too familiar American tragedy, you can be sure the news will exacerbate it with yet another force five wrongnado," he continued, before playing clips of cable news personalities getting the facts wrong.


Navy Yard Shooting