Above Average's Citi Bike parody says all the things Citi Bike must actually be thinking.

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  • Speed Limit?

    I don't think so.

  • Saucy Straw

    This Capri Sun flavor is almost as wild as he is.

  • Junior Mints Is Grown Up

    And he's not afraid to rebel.

  • Say Cheese!

    Because civil action doesn't frighten everyone.

  • Break Me Off A Piece Of That Kit Kat Bar

    Why break it, when you can bite it?

  • Silverware, Don't Care

    He's a fork pusher and he can't be stopped.

  • Bills, Bills, Bills

    Bill Hader, you're next.

  • Scandalous Seagull

    "I don't look like that guy."

  • You're NOT Welcome

    Thanks, but no thanks.

  • A Young Rebel

    When you're this cute you can get away with anything.

  • This Is A Test

    A test she will not pass.

  • It's A Sign

    A sign that he doesn't read the fine print.

  • Well, Guess What?

    A razor is the only tool he uses.

  • Sassy Step

    With sneakers like these, rules don't apply.

  • The Healthiest Risk Taker

    Consuming 2 servings of fruit makes you feel dangerous.

  • So Strong

    Who needs two hands?

  • No Dumping Allowed

    Those toilets say otherwise.

  • Right, Left?

    It doesn't matter when you're a rebel.

  • And Finally: A Celebrity Rebel

    Keanu Reeves loiters where he pleases.