Some things in life are harder to figure out than others, and the water cooler is definitely on the challenging side. Now, someone help this cutie fill her cup!

(Via Daily Picks and Flicks)

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  • Swinging Away

  • Dodo Bird

    I was smart enough to get in, why can't I get out?

  • Shot Gun Stupidity

    Take that, birds.

  • Belly Flop

    Proving that kayaks and diving boards don't mix.

  • My turn

    Guess not.

  • Joy Ride

    I just wanted to feel like I was flying.

  • Cookie Crisp?

    No, you're not getting that cereal.

  • Cat Walk Catastrophe

    Pose, pose, spin, splat.

  • A Bad Idea

    Jump and destroy.

  • Do You Trust Me?

    I guess she doesn't understand trust falls.

  • Treadmill Dance

    His fall looked cooler than any dance could've.

  • Model Behavior

    Model down.

  • Motocycle Mishap

    He was just trying to show off his sweet ride.

  • Doggy Slide

    He recovered nicely.

  • Mountain Golf Fail

    I don't think he'll get his backpack back.

  • Pull-Up or Pull-Down

    I think he'll be steering clear from the gym for a while.

  • High-Five...