Note the time and then immediately stop whatever it is you were doing before to witness history in the making. It's -- dun-nuh dun-nuh dun-nuh dun-nuh -- BatDad!

He doesn't just tell his kids to say please. He puts on a mask, a cape and his best Dark Knight voice to inspire them to be good. This compilation of his seven-second clips comes straight from @BatDadVine. (He goes by BatDad on Vine if you want to look him up there.)

As one commenter so aptly writes, "He's the hero his kids deserve, but not the one they understand right now." Indeed. We salute you, BatDad!

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  • Rob Delaney

    <blockquote>My wife thinks I'm funny, thank God. My kids do too but the oldest is 2 so their opinions don't matter.</blockquote> - Rob Delaney

  • Maz Jobrani

    <blockquote>I asked my 5 year old boy who he thought was funny and he said Hale, Karl and Che Che. I didn't even make the top 3. And who the hell is Che Che? My dad was pretty funny. He was the life of the party, but to us he was more scary (because he was so big.) He was very kind to us, but we just had to respect him, that's all</blockquote> - Maz Jobrani

  • Al Madrigal

    <blockquote>My wife and kids think I'm funny. I actually brought my son to an early evening corporate gig at the Laugh Factory when he was 8. I sat him next to Elon Gold when I had to go up. When I got off stage Elon told me it was one of the cutest things he'd ever seen. "Your son laughed at everything. He thinks you're hilarious." My dad still cracks me up. So brutal and inappropriate though. He lived to give people the business. He'd turn on anyone at anytime and rip them to shreds. Also, as long as she was alive, he'd crank call my grandmother, all kinds of weird hacky Asian voices and scenarios. Me and my brothers would gather around and listen in. We couldn't get enough.</blockquote> - Al Madrigal

  • Sarah Tiana

    <blockquote>I became a comedienne because my dad THINKS <em>he's</em> funny. I had to show him it was possible (For me to be too)</blockquote> - Sarah Tiana

  • Ari Shaffir

    <blockquote>My dad always told cornball jokes at the Shabbos table. It would crack him up so much. And then he'd repeat the punchline every couple minutes and that would make him laugh even more.</blockquote> -Ari Shaffir

  • Mo Mandel

    <blockquote>My dad is hilarious but because he grew up in a different time he doesn't like saying dirty offensive jokes. So I've taken it upon myself to do it for him. You're welcome dad!</blockquote> - Mo Mandel

  • Shawn Pelofsky

    <blockquote>My dad is Jewish. We have no choice but to be born funny. Just ask Mel Brooks.</blockquote> - Shawn Pelofsky

  • Dan Telfer

    <blockquote>My kids tell me that I am funny, but they are bipedal tempests of cackles and shrieks. They are simply more powerful than I am, their laughs greater than my jokes which is a little disturbing. I often try to make them laugh, but it is like eliciting carnage from kaiju. When you watch Pacific Rim this summer and look upon the shattered skyscrapers, those tumbling gargoyles are me.</blockquote> - Dan Telfer

  • Rick Ingraham

    <blockquote>I definitely thought my dad was funny. Mom too. My dad would always do funny things when I was young to make me and my siblings laugh. When he would come home from work, as a corporate lawyer, he would open the door, and start singing the instrumental intro music from the tonight show, then usually introduce himself to us as either "Hi, I'm Jim Ingraham, you might remember me from the Jim Ingraham Show", or "Hi, Jim Ingraham, editor of Swoon Magazine". We thought it was funny every time. But my parents were always teaching us the value of humor. Going to church was never as religious or bonding of an experience for us as watching the Simpsons every week, or staying up late on a Saturday because a new Saturday Night Live was on.</blockquote> - Rick Ingraham

  • H. Alan Scott

    <blockquote>The last time I saw my Dad was in 1997. Oh, he isn't dead or anything, we just don't talk. My Dad was funny in a schmaltzy way (we're not Jewish, FYI). He'd always flirt with cashiers with his humor. I find myself doing the same thing. I'm still single. So I guess that's just another thing I can blame on him.</blockquote> - H. Alan Scott

  • Nick Youssef

    <blockquote>Both my parents are (funny). For people who grew up in poor, war torn countries, and then came here and struggling with nothing for years, they always managed to keep laughing and joking with each other. It taught me that a sense of humor helps get you through hard times. I remind myself of that every time I think "life isn't worth living" because a coffeehouse didn't have free wifi.</blockquote> -Nick Youssef

  • Sara Benincasa

    <blockquote>My dad has a perverse sense of humor that definitely informed the filth I spew today.</blockquote> - Sara Benincasa

  • Rick Glassman

    <blockquote>My dad is one of the funniest people I know. He is either totally calm and cool with little dry jokes, or, when he's around me and my friends, he's bat shit hyper.</blockquote> - Rick Glassman