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Is This A Line From 'Rush' Or A Lyric From Rush?

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"Rush," Ron Howard's new film about the real life rivalry between Formula One drivers Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl) and James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth), opens in New York and Los Angeles on Friday (with a wide release to follow next weekend). As it turns out, "Rush" has nothing to do with the Canadian rock band of the same name that is probably most known for their hit single, "Tom Sawyer."

How different is Ron Howard's film "Rush" from the band Rush? Below, we've selected samples of dialogue from the film, as well as a few lyrics from Rush staples to show you just how different the movie is from the band.

Where's This Line From?
"He's a nobody."A line From "Rush"
"He gets high on you."A lyric from "Tom Sawyer"
"Off on your way, hit the open road."A lyric from "The Spirit of Radio"
"He's a restless young romantic, wants to run the big machine."A lyric from "New World Man"
"The risk of death turns people on."A line from "Rush"
"He's got to walk a fine line and keep his self control."A lyric from "New World Man"
"More powerful than even the fear of death itself is the will to win."A line from "Rush"
"And the men who hold high places must be the ones to start."A lyric from "Closer to the Heart"
"He's got to make his own mistakes."A lyric from "New World Man"
"You're just who you are at this point in your life."A line from "Rush"
"Though his mind is not for rent, don't put him down as arrogant."A lyric from "Tom Sawyer"
"To be a champion, you have to really believe it." A line from "Rush"
"He's noble enough to win the world."A lyric from "New World Man"

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