Adorable, but can we have a lick?

(hat tip Tastefully Offensive)

Here are a few more cuties tasting exciting foods for the first time...

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  • Little Cousin Trying a Yellow Pepper - Original

    My little cousin decided to try out yellow peppers one day..

  • Sebastian eats a lemon

    Sebastian eats a lemon and likes it....sort of!

  • Noah's first Root Beer!

    This is the reaction my son Noah had when taking his first drink of Root Beer! 1) Root Beer does not have alcohol. 2) This is the first time he has had any sugary soda, and we are not planning to make this a habit

  • lemon sucker.

    my baby brother cole. one year old. haha, his face is amazing.

  • Toddler Eats Wasabi

    "That's not funny!"

  • Baby's first pop rocks

    Sammie tries pop rocks

  • My Kids' First Super Sour Candy

    They thought it'd be good. After all....It's candy.