No one drinks light beer for its great taste. But imagine for a moment that you actually cared about your light beer's flavor more than its ability to get you lit. If you're even mildly interested in this concept, you've come to the right place.

We blind-tasted 10 popular brands of light beer, and we confirmed our suspicions about light beer: It doesn't really taste like much. In fact, one editor gracefully noted: "I burped and it didn't even taste like beer."

But one brand stood out above the rest, finishing an astounding 20 points higher than the second-place finisher. Check out the slideshow below for the results, and leave us a comment letting us know what you think.

Spoiler Alert: Bud Light Lime actually did NOT finish in last place.

As always, this taste test is in no way sponsored or influenced by the brands included.

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  • #1: Miller Light

    <b>Comments:</b> "This one actually tastes like beer." "Actually tastes like beer." "Okay. This is recognizable as beer. I took a second sip. I would continue." "There's some beer flavor here! Yay!" "I guess this is pretty much as good as it's gonna get. It's balanced."

  • #2: Coors Light

    <b>Comments:</b> "Really flavorless and tastes like what carpet smells like." "Wet cardboard and sadness." "A little sour at the end, not great." "This tastes like what you'd drink at a classy frat party."

  • #3: Bud Light

    <b>Comments:</b> "Almost tastes like beer." "Low on flavor, but not offensive." "Rather flat." "Super flat."

  • #4: Sam Adams Light

    <b>Comments:</b> "So much darker in color than the others. Looks out of place. Nutty" "Watery, nutty? But really flavorless, too." "Bitter, otherwise completely absent of flavor." "It's got some body, tastes like Yuengling." "Almost like rye toast."

  • #5: Corona Light

    <b>Comments:</b> "Bitter, bitter water." "Fine, inoffensive, no beer flavor though." "The bitterness adds something to the water." "Very harsh! Not even sessionable."

  • #6: Heineken Light

    <b>Comments:</b> "It smells SO BAD for something that tastes like water." "Well, this tastes like bubbly, skunky water." "Water, bro. Water."

  • #7: Beck's Premier Light

    <b>Comments:</b> "This actually tastes like water. Stale water." "Smells like cheap weed, tastes like air." "Easy to drink, no flavor." "Tastes like weed, sweat and fraternity basements."

  • #8: Amstel Light

    <b>Comments:</b> "It's got flavor, but I don't like it. Kind of tastes moldy, and definitely nutty." "Tastes like wet sawdust. But at least it tastes like something." "Gross. Is that barley?"

  • #9: Bud Light Lime

    <b>Comments:</b> "What is happening? So sour." "Subtle flavor, smells a bit citrusy. Tastes really watery." "This actually tastes like seltzer, and smells fruity?" "Gross, fake lemon or lime."

  • #10: Natural Light

    <b>Comments:</b> "Tastes like stale ice melted in cheap beer." "Water water water." "This tastes like paper." "Well, this is water."