09/25/2013 02:42 pm ET

Miley Cyrus Skydives In 'Rolling Stone' Video (WATCH)

Because Miley Cyrus jumping out of a "motherf--king plane" is just as crazy as it sounds, "Rolling Stone" has graciously provided video footage of the skydive referenced by writer Josh Eells for their epic cover story on the pop star. The magazine has posted a 1:12 minute video online of Cyrus, wearing a blue jumpsuit and her (now-trademark) buns, legitimately freaking out before going into free fall from 12,500 feet high. "I'm finally a bird like I always wanted to be!" Cyrus shouts into the camera while in the air.

You can watch the video above, or you can check out our edifying numbers below:
Number of skydives: 1
Number of tongue appearances: 1
Number of buns: 2
Number of times Cyrus says "f--k" (or some variation of it): 5


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