09/26/2013 09:07 am ET Updated Oct 01, 2013

The Best Movie Theater Food, In Order (PHOTOS)

There is something about walking into a movie theater that makes us instantly hungry for snacks. We know that there is nothing available but sugar, corn syrup, popcorn and whatever that stuff they pour over the top is, but we can't help ourselves. As with all other snack-buying opportunities in life, there are better and worse choices. The best movie theater food straddles a careful line between salty and sweet, is easy to eat and is always shareable. The worst movie theater food is smelly, unwieldy and makes you feel terrible after eating it.

Below, you'll find my ranking of movie theater concession snacks, from absolute worst, to absolute best.

  • 15 Milk Duds
    Flickr: johnegraham2
    "Made with Chocolate & Caramel" is an apt description, since it hints that there may also be some candle wax in there. Milk Duds are the worst.
  • 14 Raisinets
    Look, you're not fooling anyone. You're RAISINS.
  • 13 Sour Patch Kids
    Flickr: szapucki
    You know what I love? Sour gummy candy. You know what I hate? Feeling like I've just chewed on glass for two hours straight.
  • 12 Dots
    These are probably made of plastic, let's be honest.
  • 11 Goobers
    Chocolate and peanuts are both delicious. Somehow these manage to be completely unremarkable.
  • 10 Nachos
    Flickr: Navin75
    Guys, there is a time and a place. Just come on.
  • 9 Whoppers
    Flickr: oskay
    Even people who love Whoppers will admit that they are really strange.
  • 8 Hot Dogs
    Flickr: stu_spivack
    Okay. A hot dog is the most meal-like thing anyone should be eating in a movie theater.
  • 7 Jumbo Pickles
  • 6 M&M's
    Flickr: How I See Life
    You can't really mess with a classic.
  • 5 Sweet Tarts
    These are what Sour Patch Kids hope they'll be when they grow up and stop cutting the ever-loving shit out of peoples' mouths.
  • 4 Sno-Caps
    Chocolately, crunchy, tiny, perfect.
  • 3 Red Vines
    Twizzlers? What is a Twizzler. Never heard of it.
  • 2 Junior Mints
    These are the best candies available at a concession stand. Hands down.
  • 1 Popcorn
    If you don't think popcorn is the greatest movie theater snack there is, you also probably don't think sunshine or puppies are that great.

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