09/27/2013 11:17 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Barilla Pasta Gay Controversy Spoofed By Jacob Soboroff And Adam Dubowsky

After the shocking claims yesterday that their company would never feature gay families in their advertisements and those taking issue with their stance could "eat another brand of pasta," Barilla Pasta has received international backlash and calls for a boycott against the company.

In response to Barilla's chairman citing "family values" and a sorry-not-sorry mentality to the international backlash, Adam Dubowsky and Jacob Soboroff of TakePart Live have produced a hilarious advertising spoof for the pasta brand. Check it out above -- what do you think about this witty retort to Barilla's homophobic marketing philosophy?

(Also, if you've decided to dump your Barilla pasta in wake of their chairman's anti-LGBT comments -- why not consider donating it to your local food bank? It's still food after all!)


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