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Cooking Fails: The Gross, The Bad And The Dangerous

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Unfortunately, not every cooking experience can be a success. We've all fallen victim to some major cooking fails -- whether the result of free-styling off the recipe, mixing up ingredients or battling with the stovetop burner temperature.

But misery (or in this case, failure) loves company, and sometimes it just helps to know you're not the only one in a never-ending battle with your kitchen appliances. We asked our readers what their biggest cooking fail of all time was, and they gave us the funny, the gross and even the slightly dangerous. Don't worry guys, things can only go up from here.

Do you have a cooking fail to share? Let us know in the comments!

  • Pumpkin pie - forgot the pumpkin. Banana pudding - forgot the bananas. Usually forgetting the main ingredient means FAIL. – Rachel Mooney Spence, via Facebook
  • Cayenne instead of paprika 'nuff said. – Susan Green, via Facebook
  • I once had a potato explode in the oven. Not on purpose, either. – Martha Schueneman, via Facebook
  • Added too much liquid to frosting for a layer cake for a shower I was having, frosting it next to sink and while i turned my back the top layer slid into the sink and broke, much crying!! – Kathy Ulrich, via Facebook
  • Hamburger goulash and did not pre cook the elbow macaroni. It was a chewy dinner. Hour or so later as the pasta started to expand in our stomachs- God we hurt! – Conrad Kovash, via Facebook
  • First time cooking for the guy I had been seeing, he was home on leave. I sliced my hand on a mandolin and we ended up in the er instead of cooking dinner – Erica Fink, via Facebook
  • I was having a dinner party and I thought I would save time by dressing the salad early and sticking it in the fridge. Wet mess. – Andrea Sanders, via Facebook
  • I spent at least 10 hours making doro wat, which is an Ethiopian chicken stew. I misread the directions and added two tablespoons of cayenne instead of two teaspoons. It was so hot even my pepperhead husband couldn't eat it and despite our efforts, we had to throw it away. :( – Danielle Brunin, via Facebook
  • Trying to fry calamari in a deep pan (did not have a fryer) put too much oil in the pan, when I threw the calamari in, oil came out and created a fire on one of those electric stoves.... – Irais Fernandez, via Facebook
  • Making key lime pie and using evaporated milk not sweetened condensed milk. – Joan Bowyer, via Facebook
  • Something very simple that still haunts me: when I was 18 I made my first posole (a Mexican stew). I made it for an international festival at my school- my Mexican dad gave me the recipe that he makes. I was just starting to date a Mexican and I hoped it would impress him. I tasted it during the festival realizing something just didn't taste right. And I kept seeing bowls unfinished. Not till a year later did I realize that I forgot SALT. – Sonia Cervantes Perez, via Facebook
  • I baked a paper towel into the layers of phyllo when I was making baklava. – Marla Czechowski, via Facebook
  • Used salt instead of sugar in a large batch of brownies... – Tia Henriksen, via Facebook
  • The time, when very young, I substituted corn oil for corn syrup in a peanut brittle recipe. They are both made from corn, right? For some reason the brittle never hardened. – Elizabeth Dickey, via Facebook
  • Sticking a HOMEMADE potpie in an oven I had sprayed with oven cleaner the night before. Forgot until the oven got good and hot and the smell was really bad! – Kathy Geraghty Minckler, via Facebook

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